Who we are

Flow Systems

Flow Systems Pty Ltd is a sustainable multi-utility providing drinking water, recycled water, wastewater services, embedded energy networks, and hot water systems to communities including greenfield and urban infill communities.

We have been appointed the local water utility for 11 communities, including more than 30,000 dwellings and 800,000m2 of commercial retail space. Our offering has recently extended to include energy, making us a multi-utility business.

Flow Systems Pty Ltd is an Australian company backed by Australian, NZ and international investment. In March 2013 global asset management leader, Brookfield Infrastructure, took a 51 per cent economic interest in Flow through Brookfield’s wholly-owned subsidiary Enwave Australia.

A new multi-utility business

Flow Systems is now spearheading a new multi-utility business. Find out more about Flow Systems’ energy and water services.

Enwave Australia

Flow Systems is backed by Enwave Australia, Australia’s most powerful multi-utility business, providing essential services to over 42,300 customers across Australia.

Enwave Australia design, build and operate a range of assets that deliver essential services to provide customers with holistic solutions.

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Our communities

Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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