Box Hill

The Gables has been expertly masterplanned to ensure that every resident is within walking distance of green space and a local park kept by recycled water.

Upon completion this 300ha of land will boast over 4,000 homes and 10,000m2 of commercial space.

The Gables, located in Box Hill, is a new sustainable community being built around essential social and educational amenities. From the vibrant town centre with a proposed large lake at its heart to public school, community centre, sports fields and local recycled water centre, The Gables will be setting the standard for a superb sustainable lifestyle in Northwest Sydney.

At The Gables, all wastewater will be harvested and treated so it can be reused on gardens and for non-drinking purposes such as washing machines, lawn watering and toilets. This will help to create a more sustainable community by preserving drinking water supplies. Box Hill Water will supply The Gables with recycled and wastewater services.

The Gables will be up to 70% more water efficient than communities without a recycled water supply. Box Hill Water’s low impact infrastructure and high environmental performance mean less pollution into waterways and more sustainability for the home. Access to recycled water also means more secure supplies during times of drought.

The Gables implements modern stormwater strategies: from the proposed central lake and numerous bio-detention basins to the extensive network of green spaces threading throughout the community. This strategy will help The Gables recreate natural flora and fauna habitats.

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