Central Park

Central Park Sydney optimises the sustainable community of the future. It is smart in every aspect, maximizing self-sufficiency through renewable energy sources and sustainable water supplies.

Central Park development

The $2 billion urban village sits across a 5.8 hectare site, one third dedicated to open space. The site has planned for 11 buildings, 1,800 apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants, laneways, terraces and offices.

Drawing on a $100 million investment in ‘green’ technologies, the precinct will strive for the highest possible environmental rating and become the largest site in Australia powered by its own tri-generation energy plant.

Central Park Water

A key sustainable feature is the recycled water network. Central Park Plus will be the biggest Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) recycled water facility in the world, built in the basement of a residential building. Central Park Plus is wholly owned by Flow Systems and will service approximately 5,000 residents and more than 15,000 workers and visitors daily.

Thanks to Central Park Plus, residents will save between 40 and 50 per cent of drinking water, saving money and precious drinking water supplies.

Central Park Plus will own, operate and maintain all water related infrastructure within this vibrant community – effectively taking over the management of the water cycle within the precinct.

The recycled water Centre will be built over four basement levels. It uses MBR and Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies, designed to simplify operational management and minimise maintenance.

Importantly the technology can be completely controlled remotely, it requires minimal space and does not smell or make any disturbing noise. Central Park Plus will bill customers directly and is subject to the same licensing requirements as Sydney Water. IPART and the Minister for Finance and Services oversees the administration and operation of private water licences.

Our recycled water network harnesses multiple water sources with varying qualities and creates multiple water supplies, covering all the water requirements of the community.

The seven water sources include:

  • Rainwater from roofs
  • Storm water from impermeable surfaces/planterbox drainage
  • Groundwater from basement drainage systems
  • Sewage from an adjacent public sewer
  • Sewage from all buildings within the Central Park community
  • Irrigation water from all greenwalls
  • Drinking water from the public water main

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