Watagan Park is a master-planned community, located in North Cooranbong. This thriving 365 hectacre site is perfectly placed with the Watagan Mountains to the west and Lake Macquarie to the east.

Watagan Park is located in North Cooranbong and is part of the Lake Macquarie Local Government Area, located 50 minutes north of Sydney. Upon completion this new sustainable community will boast 2,500 dwellings. Other community features include a skate park, a primary school, an early learning centre and a community centre.

Cooranbong Water

Our intention is to connect Watagan Park homes to their local sustainable water centre where they will be contributing to a large savings of drinking water. Every essential drop of wastewater is harvested across the community and reused for toilet flushing, washing machines and irrigation. It will also be used to keep community features such as the planned cricket pitch, playing fields and scenic walking paths green and plush year round.

Cooranbong Water is showcasing innovation by using proven technology and setting the bar when it comes to standards in Australia. This sustainable community is receiving the best technology from a local water utility that is nimble and responsive. Discover how this innovative technology is used in homes, the community and at the water centre.


BASIX is one of the strongest sustainable planning measures to be undertaken in Australia. And because the Cooranbong community is part of a recycled water network homes, will not need rainwater tanks, saving homeowners money and precious backyard space. They are also recognised by BASIX and eligible for the highest ratings. Cooranbong homes can attract a 60 point rating from BASIX.

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