Discovery Point

Congratulations to Discovery Point, UDIA NSW/ACT Awards for Excellence Winner- Sustainable Development.

Discovery Point Water is wholly owned by parent company Flow Systems, and is a key innovative sustainable feature of Frasers Property’s Discovery Point development in Sydney’s inner west – home to 1,800 residential and retail lots.

Discovery Point Water is the second recycled water facility using Membrane Bioreactor technology installed in the basement of a residential building in Australia (the first is Central Park), and was made possible through a grant provided by the NSW Government Climate Change fund in 2007.

The Discovery Point recycled water scheme harvests wastewater from the residential apartments and retail lots to generate recycled water on site for toilet flushing, clothes washing, and irrigation to maintain local public gardens and open recreational spaces. In the future when the scheme has been fully developed, it will also supply irrigation water to some 14 sporting fields in Marrickville.


This exciting project changes the way people use and reuse their water – creating valuable new sources of water for local communities and councils who are looking for ways to keep their recreational facilities green during hot summers and periods of drought.

It is also purifying and reusing wastewater that would otherwise be pumped across land to be discharged out to sea, contributing to greenhouse gases and requiring large energy intensive processes to transport and dispose of the waste.


In partnership with Frasers Property and Marrickville Council, Flow Systems is creating a sustainable community which will share its wastewater to improve the amenities of the local community and at the same time reducing water, energy and waste.


Discovery Point Water is a unique facility enabling the local community to harness the value in wastewater.

The local water centre takes all of the wastewater from apartments and retail lots into a collection tank to balance the flow before being transferred to the bioreactor via mechanical screens which remove the larger solid waste material.

Within the bioreactor which consists of two chambers (one non-aerated, one aerated), active bacteria consume biodegradable waste products.

Different bacteria in each chamber perform different tasks, all breaking down and purifying the waste.

The water is drawn back through membrane microfilters to catch any remaining particles. The clear water is then passed through UV light, which disinfects the water and removes any remaining pathogens, before the crystal clear water is chlorinated as a final level of the triple barrier protection process.

The final advanced quality water is then stored in tanks in the basement and distributed throughout the Discovery Point precinct to be used for toilet flushing, clothes washing machines, car washing and irrigation. In the future, recycled water will also be used to supply Marrickville council parks and sporting fields to support the local sustainable water communities.

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