Green Square

The City of Sydney is creating a new green community underpinned by environmental sustainability. Green Square is set to become a true exemplar of green living with developments using recycled water, greater bike, walking and public transport links, quality community facilities, parks, entertainment and retail. Find out more below.

About Green Square

The $8 billion Green Square redevelopment area is 278 hectares and includes the suburbs of Beaconsfield and Zetland, and parts of Rosebery, Alexandria and Waterloo. It is 3.5 kilometres from the city centre and 4 kilometres from the airport.

About 5,700 new homes have been built since 2000, bringing in close to 11,000 more residents. By 2030, Green Square is expected to attract 40,000 new residents and 22,000 new workers.

Green Square town centre will be the heart of the project. The new retail, cultural and commercial hub will centre around the Green Square train station. Along with private development will be high quality community facilities. A stunning underground library and outdoor plaza will become an ‘urban living room’ for the Green Square community, providing spaces to work, socialise and connect.

A new 6,500 square metre park will be built in the town centre, named the ‘Drying Green’, while a larger park of 15,500 square metres will be in the Epsom Park precinct in Zetland and other parks will be created across the area.

A new community creativity hub will be created on the old hospital site on Joynton Avenue, cleverly reusing heritage buildings for artist studios, rehearsal spaces, exhibition areas and a community shed. On the same site will be affordable housing, a community health centre and a childcare centre.

A new health and recreation centre will be built in the Epsom Park precinct on Joynton Avenue. It will include four pools and a multi-purpose outdoor sports field. 

City of Sydney’s role

The City’s role in Green Square is to ensure planning controls allow for growth and development that is sustainable, innovative and respects the character of existing neighbourhoods. Their role is to also ensure the growing Green Square population has access to quality community facilities, parks, and transport links.

Green Square Water

Green Square Water is a private local sustainable water utility. We harvest and purify 900 kL of stormwater every day at full capacity - the equivalent of 150 Olympic swimming pools of stormwater every year.

We reuse a wasted resource on site helping to protect the local ecology and prevent large quantities of polluted wastewater from entering our waterways and oceans causing further pollution.

Green Square Water harvests stormwater passing through the Green Square precinct. This water is on its way out to the sea - when it hits the outfall it won’t be purified or treated just released causing environmental degradation.

Green Square Water is ensuring this water is reused, capturing three tonnes of pollutants annually that would otherwise end up in our waterways.

It enters a network of stormwater drains where it makes its way to the Green Square precinct. Green Square Water has a network of decentralised water pipes which capture this water and take it back to the local recycled water Centre in the heart of the Green Square community. Once there - water undergoes five purification processes to remove impurities and clean the water to the highest Australian standards. Find out more about How it works.

Did you know Sydney produces enough wastewater to almost fill Sydney Harbour each year? If we could capture and purify this water - in the same way we are at Green Square - we could provide Sydney with a new secure water source for up to 70 per cent of people’s daily needs.

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