Huntlee is a master-planned community, located in the heart of the Hunter Valley.

Developed by LWP Property Group, Huntlee is a new town pursuing innovations such as renewable energy and recycled water.


With a 20-year time frame, on completion Huntlee will comprise four neighbouring villages surrounding a vibrant town centre. Huntlee will boast 7,500 dwellings and a 200ha retail precinct, generating 3,000 permanent jobs and creating a sustainable future.

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Huntlee Water

Huntlee is working towards self-sufficiency with local sustainable water and energy networks and waste reuse schemes.

As a private water utility, Huntlee Water will provide all water services for the Huntlee community.

Wholly owned by Flow Systems, Huntlee Water will enable the reuse of up to 70 per cent of water within the community therefore reducing water bills and generating a restriction-free, secure water supply.

Sustainable Water Network

Every drop of wastewater is harvested across the community from homes, offices, shops, schools, facilities and the public domain. This water is sent back to local Water Centres within the township. 

Here water is purified to the highest Australian standards for reuse back in the community for toilet flushing, washing machines, air-cooling, irrigation, water features and more.

Using recycled water has many benefits to communities:

  • Lower water bills
  • Enhanced livability
  • Enhanced ecology
  • Major reduction in mains water usage

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