Pitt Town

Pitt Town Water is providing recycled water for 940 homes in Sydney’s historic north west. This unique sustainable water network is harvesting water from homes, recycling it on site and providing a secure water source for the new Vermont community.

Reusing up to 70 per cent of water

Pitt Town Water harvests wastewater from kitchen sinks, bathrooms and toilets, sends this wastewater back to the Pitt Town Water Centre, within the Vermont Estate Pitt Town community, for purification.

This unique recycled water system is capable of harvesting and reusing precious water supplies at source, making the best use of every drop of water, and enabling up to 70 per cent of household water to be reused.

By purifying and reusing water we also stop this water from being pumped out to sea, polluting the oceans and creating carbon emissions.

Seven purification processes

Pitt Town Water’s processes meet strict Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling set out by Federal and State Governments. Wastewater is cleaned to the highest Australian standards, undergoing seven extensive filtration and purification processes including Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) and Ultraviolet (UV).


Pitt Town Vermont households can save between 350,000 and 600,000 litres of drinking water every year. That’s the equivalent of one to two swimming pools of drinking water annually, or six month’s worth of drinking water each year.

How it works

Click the below link to find out how this unique recycled water network works - in the home, at the Centre and in the community.

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