Wyee will be a new sustainable water community on the edge of Lake Macquarie. Home to 1,000 new dwellings, the community will receive recycled water through a new sustainable water network.

Wyee Water

Wyee Water brings a sustainable water solution to the new Wyee development community.

Wholly owned by Flow Systems, Wyee Water will provide a sustainable water centre and a network connecting all new homes to a new secure recycled water supply, unaffected by water restrictions.

Wyee Water will harvest 100 per cent of wastewater from the entire community. This water would otherwise be treated as a waste and pumped out to sea. Instead, it is harvested at the local water centre and purified to the highest Australian standards for reuse in homes for:

  • toilet flushing
  • washing machines
  • irrigation
Commonwealth Government 

In June 2012, Lake Macquarie Council was awarded $6.34 million by the Federal Government towards constructing sewerage infrastructure for Wyee.  The Commonwealth Government’s Building Better Regional Cities program will subsidise the construction of a package of works including the sustainable water centre. 

Conditions attached to the funding require 100 affordable housing lots, serviced by the new sustainable water network, to be available for sale by 30 June 2016.

A sustainable water centre has been constructed with capacity to service 1,000 new or existing homes in Wyee, and is capable of expanding further to cater for future growth in the area.

Hunter Water Corporation is responsible for determining how and when existing households will be connected to the proposed sustainable water network. 

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