Greenfield energy solutions

Greenfield communities are presenting exciting new opportunities for decentralised low carbon energy solutions. Find out more below.

Energy security

Low carbon energy technologies are becoming more viable due to advances in energy storage, the exponential reduction in cost of solar, and a rise in traditional energy costs. For new greenfield communities these advances provide exciting new opportunities for energy security.

Flow Systems is at the forefront of assisting developers and councils design and deploy local utilities capable of:

  • Reducing lead-in infrastructure costs
  • Providing long term reductions in utility costs for customers/communities; and
  • Securing low carbon energy futures for communities

Sustainable outcomes

Flow Systems’ infrastructure is designed to deliver the highest sustainability outcomes. Importantly we work with your teams, including place-makers, architects and development, communications, marketing and sustainability managers to achieve a strong competitive advantage for your visionary community.

Like our local sustainable water solutions, Flow strives for the best local sustainable outcomes in energy, harnessing state-of-the-art green infrastructure technologies and systems. 

Working together

Flow Systems works with our clients to determine the best short term and long term energy mix for new communities. Our solutions include:

  • Demand management
  • Energy mix optimisation
  • Infrastructure staging
  • Advanced multi-metering solutions

Our communities

Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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