Urban energy solutions

Flow Systems is working with developers to deliver a range of energy solutions for urban high rise precincts that reduce infrastructure costs, assist in managing energy related systems and reduce ongoing costs for both developers and customers. Find out more below.

Working together

Flow Systems’ utility models are shaped to deliver improved project returns and sustainability outcomes for developers and residents. Our services include:

  • Bespoke localised energy solutions
  • Place making visions for communities
  • Leading rezoning proposals 

Flow Systems works closely with our developer clients to provide a sustainable and efficient alternative to Business As Usual costs and constraints. We help set goals and create place making visions for each unique community.


Flow Systems works with developers and councils to deploy technologies such as:

  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Low carbon generation including cogeneration and trigeneration
  • District thermal energy
  • Embedded networks
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smarter configuration of substation infrastructure distribution networks internal to precincts
  • Multi metering

Our solutions focus on locally deployed energy generation that increases the reliability of long term savings for residents and ensures reliability of supply.

All solutions include advanced multi-metering solutions that streamline infrastructure for developer clients and provide residential consumers with more visibility and control of their energy costs than ever before.

Our communities

Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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