A new way of servicing land

Governments, developers and consumers are looking for technological and financial solutions to make bundled services a reality.

Flow Systems is committed to creating new solutions that harness innovation, reduce costs and carbon outputs while ensuring greater operating efficiencies that can be returned to the community.

Embedded energy networks enable onsite renewable electricity generation, such as wind and solar, within communities, future proofing them and achieving high BASIX and Green Star.

Creating communities of the future

Flow Systems is working with leading developers and councils to create future communities, underpinned by sustainable energy and water networks. These communities are demonstrating capital cost savings and multiple benefits to developers, councils and customers.

Flow Systems is working with Government, developers and research centres, to develop and share our learnings on designing and funding localised energy and water precincts.

This is a new and exciting business development unit within Flow and offers exciting servicing options to developers in both high rise and land release communities.

Benefits to developers

Localised infrastructure that combines water and energy is a response to market drivers and delivers many benefits to developers including:

  • Reducing CAPEX for developers by up to $600 per apartment
  • Differentiating of the development as a sustainable development
  • Reducing cost of Greenstar compliance
  • Facilitating developer innovation
  • Providing the best possible brand equity for developers
  • Compliance with new metering requirements

Benefits to residents

Localised systems also deliver key benefits to residents including:

  • Utility costs up to 15 per cent lower for residents & owners
  • Decentralised infrastructure creates flexibility
  • Innovative customer service
  • Resident engagement in economic and environmental outcomes
  • Continual energy and water efficiency measures
  • Removing embedded infrastructure costs
  • Breaking the ‘split incentive’

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Our communities

Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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