Reducing costs

There are multiple cost benefits for developers in choosing a Flow Systems’ sustainable water utility, including dramatically reducing infrastructure costs, speeding up land release by 12 months, removing risk and improving internal rates of return.

Improving internal rates of return

With Flow Systems, developers improve their IRR through:

  • Reduced lead-in infrastructure costs
  • Earlier property release and therefore faster property sales
  • Higher property values as a result of a sustainable water solution
  • Private local water solutions are reducing costs for connections to existing centralised systems for developers by as much as 50 per cent.
  • Developers can also save time and money on planning and DA requirements because Flow Systems obtains all relevant approvals.
  • Streamlining approvals 

Managing approval process

As part of the creation of a local water utility, Flow Systems manages and obtains all relevant approvals required, saving time and money for developers.

Approval processes differ depending on the State. In NSW, the Water Industry Competition Act (WIC Act) NSW 2006 requires both a Network Operator’s license and a Retail Supply license, enabling the private utility to build, construct and manage water infrastructure and retail services directly to customers. The WIC Act promotes innovation and the roll out of more recycled water initiatives across the State.

Reducing costs by as much as 50 per cent

When you consider developers spend up to 24 per cent of total development costs on water and sewage solutions, a 50 per cent saving is significant and can ensure the viability of a project.

Flow Systems develops recycled water systems that harvest wastewater from homes, offices and shops. Our systems convert wastewater into a resource through purification processes, returning the highest Australian standard crystal clear recycled water back into homes, offices and shops.

Our systems use pressure sewers and local infrastructure avoiding:

  • Costly large-scale gravity sewers
  • Costly sewage treatment plant and infrastructure upgrades
  • Costly underground tunnelling and installation of pipes
  • Risks of infrastructure access over multiple land holdings
  • Land release delays of more than 12 months

Flow Systems reduces delivery times for first homes to market by approximately 12 months.

This is made possible because our sustainable water network:

  • Can be rolled out faster than public utility infrastructure
  • Avoids negotiating with multiple land owners for infrastructure access
  • Avoids lengthy bureaucratic approvals processes

Rainwater tanks not needed

Flow Systems’ local sustainable water communities are recognised for BASIX certification. That means homeowners and house builders do not need rainwater tanks to achieve BASIX certification.

By connecting to our local recycled water networks, homeowners can save on the installation of a rainwater tank system.

Proposed BASIX 50 

NSW Planning’s proposal to increase BASIX from 40 to 50 will require larger rainwater tanks, encroaching on block size and escalating costs.

By choosing Flow Systems’ local sustainable water networks and systems no rainwater tanks are required at all, avoiding these additional costs. 

Download our cost benefit analysis.

Sustainable water communities

NSW, Queensland and Western Australia are leading Australia in the establishment of sustainable water communities.

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