How it works

Flow Systems’ local sustainable water centres make the most of every drop of water. Our state-of-the-art systems put everyone’s wastewater to work in a fully balanced micro-ecosystem. Find out more below.

Land release communities

This system reuses wastewater through its local sustainable water network, providing homes with a drought proof and environmentally friendly source of water to keep gardens and local sporting fields green all year.

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Vertical communities

This system reuses wastewater through our sustainable, state-of-the-art recycled water system, providing apartments and retail businesses with a secure and environmentally friendly source of water for everyday household and business use.

1 Apartment wastewater
Wastewater is harvested from bathrooms, kitchens and toilets.
2 Garden wastewater
Garden overflows are captured.
3 Shops & office wastewater
Wastewater is harvested from kitchens, bathrooms and toilets in shops and offices.
4 Harvesting every drop
Rainwater and stormwater are collected.
5 Water purification processes
The biggest Membrane Bioreactor facility in the basement of a residential building in the world.
6 Eight purification processes
Recycled water undergoes eight processes, including Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and Ultaviolet. Highest Australian standards: recycled water has no odour, is clear in colour and safe for use.
7 Drinking water
Sourced from dams and desal, supplied by Central Park Water.
8 Air Cooling
Recycled water is used for air cooling apartments, offices and shops.
9 Irrigation
Purified water is used for irrigating lawns, gardens and the green wall.
10 In the home
Recycled water is used for toilet flushing, clothes washing machines and irrigating.

Water solutions are bundled according to the optimum solution for a local precinct and include:

Stormwater harvesting

Find out how it works for stormwater harvesting only.

Purification processes

Our purification process include MBR, Ultraviolet, Reverse Osmosis. See the Central Park Water process.

Sustainable water communities

NSW, Queensland and Western Australia are leading Australia in the establishment of sustainable water communities.

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NSW Licensed and Regulated

Integrated Water Cycle Management

Our communities

Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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