Integrated Water Cycle Management

Localised approaches to water servicing such as Integrated Water Cycle Management (IWCM) are leading water innovation across Austalia and internationally.

Harvesting every drop

IWCM brings together complex elements of the urban water cycle including water supply, sewage and stormwater.

This integrated and multiple approach encourages cost efficiencies, relies less on natural water sources and harnesses the value of recycling of treated effluent and stormwater.

IWCM follows key principals including

  • Consideration of all water sources (including waste water) in water planning
  • The sustainable and equitable use of all water sources
  • Consideration of all water users including the environment
  • Integration of all elements of the water cycle – catchment, water resources, water use, natural water processes, end user

Saving money and drinking water

Victoria is leading Australia in its work to enshrine IWCM principals in all new developments and local urban water management. Here substantial savings in drinking water can be obtained through water sensitive policy and approaches.

Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia are also moving to adopt this approach to achieve greater cost benefit and protect precious drinking water supplies.

Flow Systems is working to provide systems and services that realise the benefits of IWCM.

Sustainable water communities

NSW, Queensland and Western Australia are leading Australia in the establishment of sustainable water communities.

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Integrated Water Cycle Management

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