Engaging with Flow Systems

Flow Systems works with small to large scale developers, local councils and Government agencies.

Our expertise can add value to the development process in a number of ways.

Appointed community utility

Developers appoint Flow Systems to design, build, operate and manage a local sustainable water utility within their community or precinct. We own the local sustainable network infrastructure and centre and work with the developer to design and deploy additional household connections should they be required.

Planning and water servicing strategies

Flow Systems works with our developer clients to understand the planning processes required for new developments. We then identify the optimum servicing strategy for that community helping the developer unearth the true Business As Usual costs to better determine the most appropriate water solution.

Technical advice

Flow Systems helps developers choose the best technical outcomes to meet the needs of their unique community. We provide new thinking and expertise in world’s best innovations.

Regulatory advice

Flow Systems has extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements to deliver alternatives to centralised water solutions. In NSW, Flow Systems has obtained more Water Industry Competition Act (WIC Act) licenses than any other private company. We offer our clients the best possible assistance in achieving regulatory approvals for local water systems.

Stakeholder management

Managing multiple stakeholders can slow down the delivery of water infrastructure. Flow Systems has expertise in navigating the complexities of multiple and sometimes competing needs. 

Advisory panels

Flow Systems is well known for its thought leadership in water infrastructure and servicing. We bring new thinking to the table to help map out sustainability goals and place making vision for new communities and precincts to ensure the best possible essential service solutions.


Sustainable water communities

NSW, Queensland and Western Australia are leading Australia in the establishment of sustainable water communities.

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Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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