Flow Systems delivers local water infrastructure and all water services to greenfield sites. 

Flow Systems’ approach to lead in works delivers services to first stage lots faster than a centralised public utility approach. This is because:

  • All infrastructure contained within development lands
  • Less cost means less to build.
  • Construction is simple and faster
  • Approvals are straightforward

Public utilities cannot provide local water servicing affordably

Public utilities are typically unable to provide localised water servicing strategies and water innovation affordably. Their business focus is on centralised systems. Recycling water is costly to them and cannot be achieved without additional expense.

This is not the case for private water utilities.

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Sustainable water communities

NSW, Queensland and Western Australia are leading Australia in the establishment of sustainable water communities.

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Integrated Water Cycle Management

Our communities

Our communities reduce costs, enhance liveability and set new benchmarks for sustainability.

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